You Can No Longer Use Amex Cards For Mortgage Payments Through Plastiq

One of the more popular ways to earn miles/points or to complete minimum spend requirements is by paying the bills you already have. While you can do this with lots of bills, it is not that easy to do it for mortgage, rent and other similar payments to businesses. Plastiq makes it possible to use credit cards for these payments, making it a great option to meet minimum spend requirements or even earn rewards for cheap, especially when they have promotions.

plastiq blocks amex cards mortgage payments

Plastiq has been adding restrictions lately though. Back in June, they blocked Visa cards for mortgage payments, and now they have done the same thing with American Express cards. The process of mortgage payments with a credit card is not allowed according to American Express’ Terms and Conditions, so Plastiq has complied.

Payments that have already been set up, should go through as scheduled. You’ll also be able to continue using American Express credit cards for rent payments. It’s even possible that some mortgage payments can still be scheduled with an Amex cards, depending on how it codes, but that should be fixed soon.

You can still do mortgage payments through Plastiq but your only options now are Mastercard and Discover credit cards. They actually have a good promotion going on where you can pay a 1.5% fee when you schedule 3 or more mortgage payments with your Mastercard by end of this year.

If you don’y have a Plastiq account, you can sign up through my referral and earn $500 fee free dollars. That means that you can pay a $500 bill with a credit card, and you won’t get charged any fees.

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    • there are those who very few options/don’t have options to drain their VGCs so using plastiq provides them a way to use their AXP cards to meet min spend requirements.

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