List of Transfer Bonuses for Airline and Hotel Programs (May 2023)

List of Transfer Bonuses

Transfer Bonuses for Flexible Point Currencies

Point currencies such as Chase Ultimate Rewards, Amex Membership Rewards are some of the most valuable. The extra value of these programs is the long list of travel partners. This is where you can usually get the best value for your points.

If your goal is to maximize your points, taking advantage of transfer bonuses is one of the best things that you can do. You can often get up to 50% more value when you transfer your points to an airline or hotel partner. These transfer bonuses usually run for a short time, between a couple or week or one or two months.

To make it easier for you to figure out which points to transfer, I have compiled a list of all the current transfer bonuses for the major flexible currencies. Check out the list below and some more tips on best practices.

List of Transfer Bonuses for May 2023

Each month we usually see transfer bonuses from flexible currencies. There’s no exact schedule, so it’s hard to predict when a certain bonus will return. Sometimes transfer bonuses are targeted, so they might not shopw up for everyone.

Here’s the full list of current bonuses, ordered by expiration date:

FromToBonusEnd Date
Amex Membership RewardsAvianca LifeMiles15%05/31/23
Amex Membership RewardsAsia Miles20%06/14/23
Amex Membership RewardsVirgin Atlantic30%06/14/23
Chase Ultimate RewardsVirgin Atlantic30%06/15/23
Citi ThankYouAir France/KLM Flying Blue25%06/17/23

If you see a bonus that is not listed here, please let me know in the comments.

Transfer Bonus History

Check out the previous transfer bonuses for some of the major airline and hotel programs so you have an idea how the current offers compare.

Hotel/AirlineTransfer fromBonusDates
Asia MilesAmex Membership Rewards20%06/01-06/14, 2023
Virgin AtlanticAmex Membership Rewards30%05/23-06/14, 2023
Virgin AtlanticChase Ultimate Rewards30%05/15-06/15, 2023
Air France/KLM Flying BlueAmex Membership Rewards25%04/01-05/22, 2023
Air France/KLM Flying BlueChase Ultimate Rewards25%04/01-05/15, 2023
Air France/KLM Flying BlueBilt Rewards100%05/01-05/01, 2023
Marriott BonvoyChase Ultimate Rewards50%04/01-05/15, 2023
Avianca LifeMilesCiti ThankYou25%05/01-06/17, 2023
Avianca LifeMilesChase Ultimate Rewards10%04/12-04/22, 2023
Avianca LifeMilesAmex Membership Rewards15%05/01-05/31, 2023
Avianca LifeMilesAmex Membership Rewards10%04/12-04/22, 2023
Avianca LifeMilesCapital One Miles10%04/12-04/22, 2023

Should You Transfer Points?

This is a question that everyone should ask themselves before transferring points. You should only transfer points from a flexible currency into a hotel or airline program if you have a certain redemption in mind, or if you know for sure that you will use your points.

It’s best not to transfer speculatively, because these transfers are not reversible. If you don’t use the points in a timely manner after transferring them, then you have to worry about devaluations and expiration dates. Plus they lose value because those points are stuck in that one program.

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