Plastiq is Giving Out Fee-Free Dollars And Warning People About Visa Payments

A week ago I wrote about some Plastiq changes to payment made with Visa cards. Payment made through Plastiq with many Visa cards will be treated at cash advance starting June 1st. This is an issue with Visa, not Plastiq, and the lattr has been really helpful with information on how to avoid Cash Advance fees.…


Plastiq ACH Payments Now Available For More People

Update: Plastiq contacted me and clarified the the offer is not yet available for everyone. Plastiq is one of the few remaining options for completing minimum spend from the comfort of your home. It enables you to pay rent, mortgage, bills and services that you wouldn’t be able to pay with a credit cards otherwise.…

No More 5X at MPX!!!

MPX purchases are still coding as “Travel – Airline”, but are only earning 1 Membership Rewards points. The changes seems to have happened probably on February 11th.