Lawsuit Accuses Amazon of Price Gouging

An Amazon class action lawsuit accuses the online retailer of charging excessive prices for basic goods during the coronavirus pandemic. In the last few weeks we have seen outrageous prices for items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer.


$250M Settlement Over Bank of America Mortgages

The settlement Class includes all residents of the United States who made a mortgage loan application to Countrywide from Jan. 1, 2003 through Dec. 31, 2008 and who used LSA as an appraisal company. Settlement class members will receive checks in the amount of at least 22 percent of the appraisal fee that was assessed in connection with their home loan application. 

Verizon Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit against Verizon claims that the cellular company checks consumer credit reports without permission. Plaintiff Scott Mathews says he does not have an account with Verizon and has never inquired about their services. Still, Verizon allegedly checked Mathews’ credit without his consent.