[Expired] Plastiq Promo, Pay 1% Fee on 3x $10K Payments in November (Targeted)

Plastiq has brought back a great promotion this month once again. You can submit up to three payments ($10,000 or less each) and benefit from a 1% Plastiq fee.


Don’t Forget to Use Your Fee-Free Dollars at Plastiq

Over the next few months, Plastiq will begin enforcing its FFD expiry policy. As stated in our existing terms of service, FFDs expire 90 days after issuance unless there is account activity involving FFDs (i.e. a redemption or credit). Essentially, unused FFDs are designed to expire after 90 days. Currently, users can see the countdown to…

Plastiq Promo Issues Fixed

On Friday I wrote about a new Plastiq promotion that lowers the processing fee to just 1.5% for three payments made with any card, up to $10K each. This is a targeted promotion. But, some people had issues, even though they were targeted. Now Plastiq has reached out to confirm that the issues have been…