APPROVED for Chase Ink Plus, After a Phone Call

I applied for the Chase Ink Plus Business Card a week ago, while the 60K point bonus was still available. After completing the application, I was told that I would be contacted in about a week with a decision. Following my own tips, I put together some talking points and I called Chase.

Welcome to Ink Plus

The call was much shorter than expected. I asked if I can offer any additional information regarding my application but the CSR just said that all I see is that your application is pending.

I called again in three days. This time it started more like you would expect. A few questions about the business and the card. A bit of small talk. I made sure to mentioned my long relationship with Chase as well where I have a Checking Account, Chase Sapphire and Chase Ink Bold. At the end of the call though, I was told that they would review the application before making a final decision.

This didn’t sound good, so I decided that I would wait for a letter from Chase before maybe giving it another desperate try. Well, to my surprise, I received an email last night, and I was APPROVED.

You’ve been approved for an Ink Plus® business credit card. You should receive your card in the mail very soon.

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