How To Use Your Credit Card Travel Credits Before Year’s End

Premium credit cards often come with large annual fees, but also extra benefits that give you more value. Travel credits are some of the most important benefits that premium cards offersand many of them expire at the end of the year.


Credit Cards Are Charging Less Fees

There’s a new trend in the credit cards world, less fees. While competing for customers, credit card issuers are now eliminating fees. In a 2016 Card Fee Survey conducted by, a sample of 100 widely held general-purpose cards are charging 593 fees. That’s down from 613 in their 2015 fee survey. The biggest change is in foreign transaction fees. Only 61 cards out of…

2015 Rewards Report, Capital One Best Issuer, Arrival Plus Best Card

CardHub has published a list of the best credit cards that offer the most valuable rewards. The CardHub study looked a 10 big credit card issuers and their non-cobranded, consumer-rewards cards. Cards were scored on their inclusion and registration, earning capabilities, redemption capabilities and the overall perks offered and restrictions each card has. I’m sure there’s…