1x Extra Ultimate Rewards Point When Using Apple Pay or Google Pay (Targeted)

Chase is sending out emails with an offer to earn extra points when using your cards through Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Chase And Visa will Introduce Contactless Credit Cards

Chase is teaming up with Visa to bring tap to pay to the industry’s largest portfolio of credit cards. In the coming months, millions of Chase customers will be able to save valuable time by completing a transaction with a single tap. Starting later this year, Chase customers will receive new contactless Visa cards on…

Chase Adds Feature to Lock/Unlock Credit Card

Chase has added a new feature for its credit card customers. Cardholders will now have the option to lock and unlock their cards immediately. The new feature has been added on the Chase website and app. If a credit card is locked, it stops purchases, cash advances and balance transfers on the account. It’s a…

Chase Double Dip is Dead!

Chase is manually reviewing applications and closing one of the cards in these cases. Chase is closing one of the cards without consulting customers at all, or if you’re lucky, you get to choose which card you want to keep.

Chase Makes it Even Harder to Get Bonuses on Sapphire Cards

Chase is already one of the most stringent credit card issuers and has been taking steps to limit credit card bonuses. Now they have made yet another change, this one just for the Sapphire cards, for now. Signup bonuses for all Sapphire cards are limited to one per 48 months, up from 24 months. Here’s…