[DEAD] Pay Your Rent Fee Free With a CC, RadPad & Android Pay

RadPad has teamed up with Stripe to let you earn some points while paying rent with Pay with RadPad and Android Pay. The normal fee is 3.49% for using a credit card to pay your rent with RadPad, but with this amazing promo that will run till the end of the year, you’re able to pay with it fee free.

RadPad Android Pay and your Credit Card fee free.png

You can now pay your rent online with a credit card and Android Pay on the RadPad app. To take advantage of the promo simply log into Pay with RadPad from an android device, sign up for Android Pay using the credit card of your choice, and  schedule your rent payments.

You can probably figure out why this is an amazing deal. Some people have high rents, especially in NYC and other major cities. Being able to pay it fee free with a credit card could help you to easily meet spend requirements for credit card bonuses or earn you at least 2% cash back. If you’re paying the average apartment rent in the city of of New York, which is $3271, that will earn earn you $75 bucks a month.

Some people are reporting that they still see a 3.49% fee, but DoC checked with RadPad and they confirmed that it will be fee free. The reasoning is that the app update was submitted to Google Play late last night and should be live soon. In the meantime ignore the fee message!


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