RadPad Starts Charging $4.95 To Pay Rent With Debit Card

RadPad have removed their fee free debit card payments for rent and will instead start charging a flat monthly fee. People who charge their rent on a debit card will have to pay a $4.95 monthly fee, regardless of the rent amount. The reason they’re giving for this added fee is the increasing costs of processing debit card payments.

Pay with RadPad  My Rent.jpeg

Fee free debit card payments are a good way to earn some monthly cash back if you have a debit card such as PPBDMC which earn 1% cash back. The new fee at least is a flat fee, which means that if you have a rent over ~$500 it will still make sense on a 1% debit card.

RadPad is now offering ACH as a fee free option but that’s of no interest to most readers.

One good thing about RadPad is that until the end of the year, you can pay your rent with a credit card, fee free, by using Android Pay. Normal fee for credit card payments is now 2.99%, down from 3.49%.

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