Amex Sending Out Referral Offers With NO Lifetime Language

American Express is sending out emails with an interesting offer to invite two friends to sign up for Amex cards. The offers are targeted and you need to have received an email in order to take advantage of them. They give out the same referral bonus that you would usually receive, but these are labeled as pre-approved offers. That means that anyone you refer should be able to get the bonus (although I doubt that’s the case). What’s even better, is that the offers do not contain the lifetime language. That means that you can get a bonus on the card even if you’ve had it in the past. The person signing up will get the regular public bonus that’s currently available.

amex referrals no lifetime language

Guru’s Wrap-Up

American Express is really pushing referral bonuses to add new cardholders. DoC already mentions a data point where a person was able to apply even though he already had the card in the past. If you’re able to get the bonus, then this is a huge opportunity. You are limited to just two referrals, you need to enter the person’s email, and you need to be targeted.

You’re welcome to refer other readers in the comments if you received the offer and don’t plan to use the referrals yourself.

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