Be Careful with Amex Email Referrals! You Could Lose Your Points

Recently American Express enhanced its referral program and made it much easier to invite friends and family members to sign up for any Amex card. You do not need to have the card they’re signing up for. As long as you have one Amex card, you can refer them to sign up for any card they’re looking for. The best card to refer from are the Amex Platinum, Amex Business Platinum and Blue Business Plus cards that give you 15K per referral.

But there’s something you should be aware of when inviting friends. You need to be careful with email referrals. Miles to Memories points out to the fine print in the referral page that says that you should use the email option only when inviting friends by email.

amex referrals

Referring by Email

  • If you want to send the Card Offer to your friends by email, you must only use the email tool we provide. Emailing your friends the Card Offer outside of the provided email tool is prohibited and will make you ineligible for the Referral Bonus.

Please note, when using the email tool we provide:

  • unlike other offer sharing channels, we will be the sender of the emailed invitations to your friend,
  • we may disclose your name, email address and status as an American Express Card Member, and the fact that you will receive a bonus if they take advantage of the offer, in the emails we send to the individuals you refer, and
  • some of the individuals you refer may not receive a referral e-mail if they have previously “opted out” of receiving e-mail marketing communications from American Express.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Seems a bit weird but it would be safer to go through the email option when referring friends by email. I’m not sure if you would really lose the points if you send them your personalized link or other links that point to specific cards.

Have you invited anyone by email without using the “Email” option? let me know if it worked.

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