Earn Lots of American Airlines Miles with this SimplyMiles 5X Promo

Earn Super Cheap American Airlines Miles with this SimplyMiles 5X Promo

American Airlines recently launched it SimplyMiles program where you can earn miles for shopping at eligible merchants. Now there’s also a promotion that will earn you 5x AAdvantage miles until the end of the month. What is interesting about this promotion is that the 5x multiplier works for the bonus miles that you normally earn. It can work out to 30x AA miles for Best Buy purchases, or even better at some other stores.

SimplyMiles 5X Promo

Starting December 18, 2019 through December 31, 2019 you can earn an additional 5x AAdvantage miles on every offer on SimplyMiles. Hurry, this holiday bonus is for a limited time only subject to availability as limited number of bonus miles are available.

Offer Terms

  • Qualifying purchase must be between 12:00a PT 12/18/19 and 11:59p PT 12/31/2019 and is contingent on adding the eligible offer to an enrolled Card.
  • American Airlines has the right to end the holiday bonus before December 31, 2019.

SimplyMiles Program

SimplyMiles 5X Promo

To join the SimplyMiles program you need an American Airlines card from either Citi or Barclays. But you can then add any Mastercard credit card. After you join, you will see different offers, similar to Amex and Chase Offers. These two types of offers. You can see something like “earn 2x miles per $1 spend at specific store”, or “earn 500 miles when you spend $200 at a specific store”.

You add the offer to a credit card in the account, and then use that card to make a purchase and earn the bonus miles.

Analyzing the 5X Promotion

The offers vary from one account to the other, so you might not see some of the offers mentioned here, or they could be different from mine. here is one offer that I have for Best Buy. You earn 250 miles with a $200 purchase. But the 5x promotion gives you an extra 5×250 miles. That’s a total of 1,500 miles for a $200 purchase, and that’s on top of the miles that you card earns. Some people are seeing an offer for 1,000 miles for a $200 Best Buy purchase. That would be a total of 6,000 miles during the 5x promotion.

Then there’s an even better one for Wag!. It gives you 2,000 miles for spending $9.99. With the 5x promo you get a total of 12,000 miles for spending $10. Super cheap miles.

Here’s another one that I have for 4YOURHEALTH. It gives you 500 miles for making a purchase of $15 or more.

So you get the idea. Look at your offers, and see which ones give you the most miles with the least spend. Multiply those miles by 6.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Looks like an awesome promotion if you have the right offers, or if you see merchants where you shop regularly. You just need to use an American Airlines credit card to sign up and then add any Mastercard. Save offers and start shopping before this promotion is over.

Let me know what offers you find in your account.

HT: Frequent Miler


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