REDcard Problems, Some Locations Refuse CC Loads

Relax, no need to panic just yet. But there’s some isolated reports that some Target locations have refused credit card loads for the REDcard. There’s multiple instances mentioned in Dans Forums for a Target in Brooklyn where CSR have said that they no longer accept credit cards. I also received information from a friend in Boston that his AmEx Business Gold Card was refused.

Target AMEX REDcard

Again, these seem like very isolated incidents and surely not store policies but just CSR or cashiers acting on their own out of frustration or ignorance. I have personally loaded once at the Target store in question in Brooklyn, and I have yet to have any such problems, there or anywhere else, with my REDcard. Howeve I do try to be reserved and not overdo it when there are long lines. I would also suggest to never go to the Express Lane, because they will get frustrated with two or three swipes, especially when they are not used to making REDcard loading transactions.

Have you had any issues with your REDcard? If so let us know, what the issues were and where?

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    The Atlantic Terminal Target has issued a store policy that credit card loads won’t be allowed anymore on the REDcards. There are also reports from Texas that some stores are refusing credit card loads.

    Let us know about your experience with the REDcard. Any issues in your state?

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  3. Any news on Targets in California? I did my 5K spending for February, but March is coming and I am hoping it doesnt get shut down.

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