BREAKING! Target to Halt Credit Card Loads for REDcard

REDcard has been one of the most useful tools for MS this year for me. Although credit card loads are hard to come by in NYC, I have been able to load tons of gift cards, especially Amex, at various Target locations throughout the tri-state area. It has been tough since March, but yet it is a very valuable option.

Target AMEX REDcard

Just yesterday I wrote about a rare successful credit card load in Brooklyn, NY.  Now comes news that credit card loads will stop nationwide. Apparently a memo that went out today to all Target stores, notes that effective tomorrow, credit cards will no longer be an acceptable form of REDcard funding. It’s supposed to be hard coded in the system, which will be a deal breaker.

It was reported in Dan’s Deal Forum and he also confirmed it at his local Target. Nevertheless, most of you will find out tomorrow if it is a true rumor or not. It was to be expected, but the next day notice is a bit surprising. To be safe, you better run to your Target store and load your max of $2500.

Again, as a mention above, if it’s not hard coded, this is not a big game changer for me since credit card loads were extremely rare in NYC anyway. As long as gift card loads are allowed, the REDcard will still be a valuable asset. If that does change as well, then I will be probably switch to Serve.

Let us know your thought and experiences with the REDcard so far and how this will affect you personally.

UPDATE: Stopped quickly by Target at Queens Place in Queens, which is probably one of the toughest on REDbird loading. Loaded a $200 VGC, yes just $200, which is the new limit there and asked the CSR is any changes are coming. She said she hasn’t heard anything new besides the new rules that went in effect at this location recently putting the limit at $200.

I’m also reading through forums and blogs and most people report that CSRs and cashiers are not aware of any new memos. It’s not like they’re always in the know, but at least it’s a glimpse of hope. I’m praying for a hoax.

9 thoughts on “BREAKING! Target to Halt Credit Card Loads for REDcard

  1. I am maintaining an up-to-date list of working gift cards for Redbird, as reported on various blogs:

    Please let me know via a comment on that post if you have tested a different type of gift card from what’s mentioned there. Thank you.

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    • will you be able to load amex gift cards to the amex serve card or should you still be able to load amex gift cards to redbird?

      • No for Serve and we’ll see tomorrow for Redbird. If “no cc loads” it’s not hard coded, then you should be able to load AGCs to redbird. If it’s hard coded then AGC won;t go through since they process as credit.

  4. It looks like this might be hard coded, so if you can’t load those GC as debit, you’ll have to find other avenues to unload them. We’ll have more clear info tomorrow.

  5. This is insane. Why would they stop the loads? I would buy stuff at target when i went for Loads. Now i have no reasons to visit target again.

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