REDcard Problems, Some Locations Refuse CC Loads

Today I went to the Atlantic Terminal Target in Brooklyn to verify if they have stopped allowing credit card loads, and in fact they did. I tried loading my REDcard at 2 different cashiers and they both told me to go CS where I was told that they only allow debit and cash loads for the REDcard. They stated it was store policy but couldn’t explain any further when I told them that other Targets in the area allow credit card loads.

After that I went to the Flatbush Target in Brooklyn and had no problems loading $2,000. I haven’t had any issues in Queens and Long Island either.

There’s also reports from Texas that a Target location there is not allowing credit card loads. But it seems that for now these are very rare occurrences that are dictated by managers of those stores.The Atlantic Terminal Target that  I went to, is one of the busiest in the country, so that might be a reason for the policy change.

Let us know about your experience with the REDcard. Any issues in your state?

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