REDcard, Rare Successful CC Load in NYC

I have written a few times about my REDcard loading experiences around NYC. While loading a with a credit card is not breaking news around the country, it sure is in New York City.

Target AMEX REDcard

Gateway Center – Brooklyn, NY

I visited the Target store at Gateway Center in Brooklyn, NY on April 30th. This was my first visit to this location and I planned to try out my Amex Business GCs that I purchased during the recent 2.25% cash back offer at topcachback. I went to the CS desk and asked to load $1000. While I was taking out my Amex GC, the CSR asked if I’m using debit or credit.

Positively shocked, I said credit and proceeded to load $1000, which she noted as the daily limit. That filled up my $5000 quota, so I wasn’t able to give it another try at a cashier, but I will definitely visit the location again and try to get rid of some of my Amex GCs.
As I noticed previously, this was my first visit here, since it’s a bit out of the way for me. I’m not sure if this location is consistently this friendly, or if I just got lucky on my first try.
Queens Place – Queens, NY
I visited this location as well in April, but didn;t write about it since I have covered it in the past. Don’t waste your time, this is possibly the worst location in the country. No credit card loads. No gift cards. Name on debit card has to match name on REDcard. And finally, there’s now a $200 load limit per day.
Do you have any other data points from the five boroughs and the surrounding areas? Please let us know in the comments and help fellow readers.

3 thoughts on “REDcard, Rare Successful CC Load in NYC

    • Well in NYC it’s mostly negative data points anyway. But that’s true that most people with save the positive ones for themselves. I think it’s kind of useless though since most people will visit every Target store eventually, within their borough or within NYC.

  1. I have kind of given up my redcard hopes here in NYC. It’s becoming impossible to quickly go in load some money and get out in most Targets. I’ve been visiting Walmart more often during my weekend getaways at my brother in PA.

    I’ll take the short drive to this Target to check it out.

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