Purchase SPG Starpoints With a 35% Discount

Need extra Starpoints for a free night, free flight or room upgrade? Add up to 30,000 Starpoints to your account! Be ready to redeem for vacations, experiences and more with this exciting offer. When you purchase Starpoints® through May 31, 2018, you’ll receive 35% off the regular price.

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Purchase SPG Starpoints

After the discount you would be purchasing Starpoints at a cost of $2.27 per point.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Purchasing points at $2.27 each would usually be crazy business. But these are SPG points, one of the most valuable currencies, that could have a value of up to $3+. With the new unified loyalty program from Marriott, they will be converted 1 to 3. That means that you will be purchasing Marriott points at about 0.76 cents each. You can do even better if you go through a portal for points.com purchases.

After August, Marriott properties will maxed out at 60K/night (or 20K Starpoints) so it could make sense to purchase extra points towards a redemption. You can also transfer Starpoints for travel packages which often have the best value, or American Airlines miles through this 25% bonus promotion if that interests you.

Personally I’m not a big fan or purchasing miles or points. But since SPG points will soon be gone, this could be something to think about, especially if you need a small amount of extra points.

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