Purchase SPG Starpoints With 35% Discount

Boost your Starpoints® balance and save big. When you buy Starpoints now through December 29, 2017, you’ll enjoy 35% off the regular price. Then get ready to redeem your Starpoints for stays at more hotels and resorts than ever before. Now through December 29, 2017, save 35% on all purchases of 5,000 or more Starpoints.

Purchase SPG Starpoints

After the discount you would be purchasing Starpoints at a cost of $2.27 per point.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Purchasing points at $2.27 each would usually be crazy business. But these are Starpoints, one of the most valuable currencies, that could have a value of up to $3+. But even so, it would only make sense for those who have a redemption in mind where they can get a better value, or if you need a few more points towards a redemption. Just keep in mind that you need to purchase at least 5K points to get the discount. I would definitively not buy speculatively.

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