Buy SPG Starpoints, Up To 50% Off

SPG is offering up to a 50% off the regular purchase price of Starpoints. This is the highest bonus they have every offered, but it is a targeted offer and the discount will vary.

Buying points usually doesn’t make sense, unless you need some extra points to reach a redemption. In this case if you have the 50% off offer, you will be buying Starpoints at ~1.7 cents a piece and considering that you can get well over 2 cents in value usually, it should make sense to some.

Buy and Gift Points   SPG.jpeg

To check what bonus you get, go here and log in with your info. You should see 25%, 30%, 35% or 50% off. Minimum purchase of 5,000 Starpoints required to get the offer shown.

If you maximize this offer, you can get 30,000 Starpoints for $525 after the 50% discount. If you use an Amex SPG card to purchase Starpoints, you will earn 2x Starpoints per dollar. so you will get an extra 1050 Starpoints. So you’ll be purchasing points at ~1.7Cents. Go through a portal and you can lower that price even further.

Keep in mind that you can also transfer Starpoints to Marriot, 1:3.

Your account may receive up to a maximum of 30,000 Starpoints per account per calendar year, whether purchased by yourself or received as a gift from another member. However, you may purchase as a gift for other accounts, as many Starpoints as desired. Each gift recipient can receive up to 30,000 Starpoints per calendar year.


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