Credit Card Made of Gold, Diamonds and Precious Gems Costs $200K with $10K AF

Insignia credit card

Insignia Credit Card

Many of us have metal cards that make stand out when we take it out at a bar or restaurant. But these cards pale in comparison to some exclusive cards out there made for millionaires and billionaires. I’ve written in the past about the Dubai First Royale MasterCard and the Royal Mint Card made of solid gold or the Amex Centurion card. Now there’s the Insignia credit card.

The card comes with a wow factor. Insignia Group, a London-based luxury lifestyle management and travel company, is partnering with private equity firm Certares to launch the “Jewelry Card Collection”. Some select individuals will be invited to own a customized card inlaid with diamonds, pearls and other precious gems. There’s also an application page if you want to give it a try.

The cards will have unique designs. Swiss artisans craft the cards by hand using “especially high-strength gold plates.” Those approved for the card can meet with a designer to create one customized “for every personality and taste that could include family crests, images of beloved pets, sports logo and more.” The cost to do that can be about $200,000.

Insignia credit card

Insignia says it has about 100 jeweled cards for clients across the U.K., Middle East, Monaco, Russia and now the U.S. Besides the cost of the card itself, there’s also a $10,000 annual fee. Clients regularly charge more than $1 million a year, most of it on travel as per Bloomberg.

As expected, the Insignia credit card also offers perks and benefits. These are things the richest people in the world expect, such as luxury lifestyle and travel services. Each cardholder has a dedicated personal assistant who’s available 24/7. The assistants know details as specific as which side of the bed clients sleep on, so they can tell hotels which side to turn down, and may do things like send a client’s personalized toiletry kit to hotels in advance.

In Europe, Insignia said it works with about 800 clients. In the U.S., it has about 50 clients for now and aims for a maximum of 300 to 500. At least 20% to 25% of its U.S. customers are billionaires.

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