UK’s Royal Mint Unveils Solid Gold Card

Solid Gold Card

UK’s Royal Mint Unveils Solid Gold Card

Yes a gold card always looks nice, but if you really want to show off, then a solid gold card is the way to go. If you have been waiting to add such a card to your collection, then the UK’s Royal Mint has made it a reality. They have created a $23,000 gold debit card.

Made of 18-karat gold, this is the first hallmarked payment card made of precious metal, the UK’s Royal Mint, which is producing the card, said in a statement Friday. The gold used to make the cards is source-traceable, meaning its provenance can be checked, the mint said in a statement.

Buyers of the luxury product will get access to a premium account called Raris, which offers zero foreign exchange and transaction fees and additional Mastercard benefits including a dedicated concierge services. The Royal Mint, which has minted coins in England for over 1,100 years, developed the card with Mastercard and Accomplish Financial, a service provider for electronic payments.

These new gold cards will be “treated exactly like any other payment card” and will be replaced if lost or stolen, provided the card’s terms and conditions have been met.

If just gold is not good enough for you, check out the Dubai First Royale MasterCard that also had a diamond in it.

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