American Express Takes Aim at Rival Brex With New Corporate Program for Startups

American Express announced today a new Corporate Program with new offerings to meet the needs of companies and their employees. This is a move triggered by newcomers like Brex, who have had success in grabbing a share of the market.


Amex Ameriprise Platinum Card No Longer Available

American Express Ameriprise Platinum card is no longer available for new applications. You can check out the card page here, it says “this offer is no longer available”. This was a different flavor of the Amex Platinum card and was considered a separate product. So it was another option to get a bonus. Before they…

Amex Sending Check for Late Uber Credits in December

American Express is ending out check to some Platinum cardholders. The check are a payment for Uber credits that were issued late back in December 2018. Back then some people had issues with Uber credits, as about a month earlier Amex switched the way Uber credits were being handled. You get $15 each month, for…