New Citi 48 Month Rule on Credit Card Bonuses

They changed the rules a bit earlier this year, but now some applications have a new Citi 48 month rule that extends the waiting period.


Chase Adds Spending Tracker for Credit Card Bonuses

Chase has added a new tool that will track your spending requirement towards credit card bonuses. The tool looks like is showing only for Ultimate Rewards earning cards for now, both online and in the app. DoC reports that the new Chase tracker will provide the following information: Confirming you have a signup bonus attached…

Visa and Mastercard will Increase Interchange Fees

Visa and Mastercard are considering raising interchange fees on card transactions in the U.S. The two credit card issuers generate most of their revenue from these small processing fees. Every time you make a purchase with a credit or debit card, merchants pay a small fee to the bank that issued this card, such as…