No More 5X with Swych App

I often post gift card deals for Swych here on the site. The app has been earning 5X Ultimate Rewards points when paying with a Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card through PayPal. So all their deals were made better, even if you could sell gift cards at a break even price.

Now there’s some bad news. These Chase Ink Business credit cards are no longer earning 5X. Looks like the changes happened on February 26th.That’s the same day that Chase INK Preferred credit card stopped earning 3X at several merchants that sell gift cards, or could be used to increase spending and earn extra rewards.

Since all the changes happened on the same day, I’m guessing that it’s Chase that is going after merchants who might erroneously offer extra rewards for purchases, especially on gift cards.

Let me know if you have any data points on recent Swych purchases. I don;t have any recent purchases myself since they haven’t really had many deals this year.