No More Chase INK+ 5X For PPDG And More

Update 2: Chase Ink Bold is no longer getting 5X on PPDG and CardCash purchases either. So the only hope for those merchants in the old Bold MC.

Update: Gyft purchases are still earning 5X as of 10/18/17.

Some stunning news started emerging today. Data points for some purchases on October 17th and 18th, are showing that Cash Ink Plus and Chase Ink Cash cards are no longer earning 5X Ultimate Rewards for PPDG and CardCash purchases. These are two of the main sources for discounted gift cards and also opportunities for gift card resellers to make a profit or earn free Ultimate Rewards, so this is sure some very bad news.

chase ink 5X

It’s not clear yet what cards are affected and which gift card sellers are no longer earning 5X UR points. What we know so far is that this applies to Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Cash and Chase Ink Preferred. You won’t earn extra Ultimate Rewards at PPDG and CardCash.

One hope is that we might still have an opportunity to earn 5X with the old Chase Ink Bold cards. I have one still, but I don’t have any recent purchases for data points. We also don’t know if this affects other resellers such as Gyft, Swych, and Giftcardmart which also have been earning 5X Ultimate Rewards with Ink Plus/CashBold cards.

Something similar happened with CardCash a while back and then they started earning 5X again. Let’s hope this is something similar, although it doesn’t seem so as it’s more widespread.

Let us know if you have any data points in the last few days.

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