Tincup Whiskey Class Action Settlement, Up To $27

This settlement includes anyone in the United States who purchased Tincup Whiskey from July 1, 2013 through Sept. 16, 2015. Plaintiffs filed a class action complaint against Defendant Proximo Spirits, Inc. (“Defendant” or “Proximo”), maker of Tincup whiskey (“Tincup”), on behalf of a proposed class of purchasers of Tincup whiskey, alleging that Defendant engaged in deceptive marketing.

tincup whiskey

Defendant has agreed to create a Settlement Fund in the amount of $425,000. The maximum recovery per claim is $27.00. Claims are limited to one (1) per household.

  • $4.50 per bottle of Tincup Whiskey with proof of purchase for up to six bottles
  • $2.25 per bottle of Tincup Whiskey without proof of purchase for up to six bottles
  • $0.75 per each class of whiskey purchased at a restaurant or bar for up to five glasses.

To be eligible for a cash payment under the Settlement, a Settlement Class Member must complete and submit a Claim Form with the following information: (i) their full name and physical address, (ii) their phone number, and (iii) the State in which they made their Tincup whiskey purchases.

Settlement Details

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