Instaflex Glucosamine Settlement, Get $15 Per Bottle

What’s The Instaflex Glucosamine Settlement About

Direct Digital, LLC manufactures and sells a glucosamine sulfate joint support supplement called Instaflex Joint Support (“Instaflex”). A class action has been filed and certified by the Court in which the plaintiff, on behalf of himself and other purchasers, alleges that certain claims made on the labeling of Instaflex are false. No allegations related to safety or physical injury have been made.g.

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Who’s Eligible?

You are included in the Settlement Class if you paid money to obtain Instaflex for personal use and not resale or distribution, including all persons who paid only shipping and handling for an Instaflex trial or sample. Excluded from the Settlement Class are:

  1. Defendant
  2. Retailers of Instaflex
  3. The parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, and directors of defendant or retailers of Instaflex
  4. Those persons who submit valid requests for exclusion from the Settlement Class
  5. Any persons who purchased Instaflex and have already received a full refund

What Products Are Included?

Covered Products that may be included on a valid Claim Form are Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup, Concealer, and Powder, in any package, size, or iteration, sold in the United States during the Class Period of April 25, 2011 to June 30, 2016.

How Much Do I Get?

Direct Digital agrees to pay $4,500,000 to a Settlement Fund, which will be used to pay claims made by consumers, attorneys’ fees for Settlement Class Counsel, incentive awards to the Class Representative, and notice and administration costs up to $400,000 (unless there are leftover monies in the Settlement Fund after all claims, attorneys’ fees, and the incentive award is paid, then up to $600,000).

  1. Monetary Recovery. If you submit a valid claim post-marked or submitted online by September 5, 2017, you willreceive
    1. $15.00 per bottle of Instaflex Joint Support purchased (up to a maximum of 7 bottles or $105.00, per household) or,
    2. $5.00 if you paid only shipping and handling for an Instaflex sample or trial and did not pay money to purchase Instaflex.
  2. Leftover/ InsufficientMonies In Fund. If monies remain in the Settlement Fund after the claims, attorneys’ fees, incentive award, and notice and administration costs are paid, the remaining funds will be distributed pro rata (proportionately) to all Settlement Class members who have submitted a valid claim for purchases, up to a maximum of $60.00 for each bottle claimed. If leftover monies still remain, those monies will be given to a cy pres recipient, The Arthritis Foundation. If payments requested exceed the monies available in the Settlement Fund, payments to Settlement Class members will be reduced pro rata.

You must submit a claim by 9/5/2017.

Do Not Submit False Claims

Please do not submit fraudulent claims for these settlement rebates. It takes money away from those who deserve a reimbursement, and furthermore it is illegal. You’re usually required to acknowledge something along these lines:

I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that all of the information provided on this Claim Form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Settlement Details

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