The END of REDcard CC Loads is Real, Reports Coming In

As you probably know by now, Target was supposed to halt all credit card loads for the REDcard today. There was a memo that would go out nationwide, but there were still many unknowns unless there were data points.

Target AMEX REDcard

Well, this morning there’s a few of those, and they’re not good. Credit card loads have been discontinued..

One good news is that gift cards are still working, split payments as well. So even though the REDcard is now less valuable, it is still a useful MSing tool.

The halt in credit card loads also means that American Express Gift Cards, that are usually purchases at cash back sites, won’t work anymore. AGC process as credit so you will not be able to load them directly to your REDcard. If you are stuck with tons of those (after that 2.25% deal yesterday), the your best best is to purchase Visa Gift Cards and then load them to your REDcard. The extra step will take some extra effort, but hey, nobody ever said the MSing is easy.

Data Points

  • Pointswithacrew reports from Cincinnati that his American Express Every Day card and Chase Ink card were declined with a “$0 able to be loaded for this tender type” message. $200 Vanilla Visa gift cards worked with PIN.
  • Reader Nepasser on FT reports that he went into his local East Coast Target that he loaded at on Monday. Was told to go over to the CS desk like usual. He swiped his card and then the register came up with “cannot accept this payment type of 0.00”. Then he tried a sub 500 load and that failed too. Split payment is working though. He used two $500 gift cards and asked for a $1,000 load. Swiped the first gift card and then the pin pad will ask you if you want it all on the card, he  hit no and told the cashier 500. That reduced the balance to 500 and he swiped the 2nd card and put it all on the card. So CC loads are dead but debit loads are working and you can do multiple swipes.
  • Again on FT, another reader tried loading with with SPG card and screen said “can’t apply 0.00 toward payment” or something similar.
  • On Reddit there’s another report from Atlanta. No third party cards at all. He tried a Visa Gift with pin and it didn’t work. The rep said CC are not allowed and didn’t let him try. She said they got the memo on Monday.
  • Our reader Anthony reports from NJ, and CC loads are not working there either.
  • Report from DansDeals Forum. Credit cards are no longer accepted but debit cards are. On the screen that used to say No Target Gift Cards now says No Target Gift Cards or Third Party credit cards.
  • Report from SE Florida. CSR uses REDbird herself and said that she doesn’t know whats going on. Debit or cash only.
  • Our reader MM in DC tried CC load with Spark, it said “$0 payment applied” or something similar. $200VGC worked.
  • Our reader in PA also reports no CC loads. The rep also said it that they don’t allow CC loads anymore.
  • Here’s the first report I saw from the West Coast. Dead in Southern California. Tried $50, hard coded denied. Same error message about 0 applied. Debit card with PIN worked.

I have yet to make a trip to Target today. Let us know your experiences if you have tried loading this morning.

9 thoughts on “The END of REDcard CC Loads is Real, Reports Coming In

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  2. Pingback: 2.25% Cash Back on AMEX Gift Cards (TODAY ONLY) | Danny the Deal Guru

  3. For those who have a Discover card, they offer something called “Cash Over” which is basically a free cash advance when you make a point-of-sale purchase. No APR, no penalties, as it all counts as one transaction (and counts toward your cashback). Unfortunately it’s limited to $120 per 24 hours. But if you’re willing to make a few trips, it can pay off. Just take the FREE cash advance over to Target and load your Redbird. And with Wal-Mart’s lenient return polices, just pick up a $5 tshirt and keep returning it each time you go to load-up: essentially making these load-ups fee-free. In my case I’ll be using the Discover Miles card which offers 3% for the first year.

    • I have seen this feature on the Discover card. But from what I remember, the cash you take out with the “Cash at Checkout” feature, doesn’t earn any cash back or miles.

      • @dannydealguru I’m ecstatic to say that I have verified this information with Customer Service. “Cash at Checkout” does indeed factor into your total transaction, making it eligible for rewards. This is a great option for those who prefer to avoid the hefty activation fees of loading with gift cards (as these fees cut deeply into any potential rewards you’re earning).

  4. no CC loads in PA. same things popped up. The rep also said it that they don’t allow CC loads anymore, but he let me swipe anyway after I asked. No go.

  5. Tried CC load with Spark, it said “$0 payment applied” or something similar. $200VGC worked. im in dc

  6. NJ here

    tried CC load this morning no luck. was in a hurry so didn’t try anything else. i just couldnt take the wait of trying to figure out if it was real or not, while at work

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