[OOS] Swych, 12.5% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards with Code SPRING2020

Use code SPRING2020 to buy a $200 Lowe’s gift card for $175. That’s a 12.5% discount. To redeem in the Swych app, apply the code in the promo box at checkout. Cannot be combined with any additional offers. This promo is limited to one per customer, new and existing.

swych lowe's

Keep in mind that you can no longer earn 5X at Swych, so just use a card that earns at least 2%.

$5 Signup Bonus

If you don’t have a Swych account, you can get a small bonus by signing up through a referral. To get the $5 credit, download Swych and use code ‘danny05A933’ to sign up or use my referral linkYou can not stack the signup bonus and this promotion together though.

Guru’s Wrap-up

A 12.5% discount on Lowe’s gift cards. Can come in handy if you have any purchases planned.

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4 thoughts on “[OOS] Swych, 12.5% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards with Code SPRING2020

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  2. So wanted to use your code Danny, but as so often (and very often randomly) happens, I’m unable of late to complete transactions with swych…. Have no idea what the problem is, they don’t tell you why. (the credit card bank said the transaction was approved at their end, but something — who knows what — goes wrong at Swych…. They chirp for me to contact them, but then don’t tell me how! I try the app then email, and no response.
    Since you’re presumably being comped by swych, could you kindly ask somewhere there how the heck we’re suppose to resolve such ordering problems? (Or do they ignore you and not respond to your messages too?)

    • Code was probably used up when you tried. Or do you always have issues?

      I was told the allotted number was reached already and they don’t really tell me that number. Personally I’ve never had issues with swych, but I’ve never dealt with their customer service.

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