Stacking Discounts for Dell Purchases, How I Saved 78% on My New Computer

Stacking Discounts for Dell Purchases

Stacking Discounts for Dell Purchases

I bought a Dell Inspiron all-in-one desktop. In this article I wanted to break down how I was able to net some serious savings thanks to credit cards, and other savings methods that everyone can use.

The total price was $1,197.60, including a tax of $97.61. I stacked my American Express Business Platinum Dell credits, Amex Offers, credit card rewards, shopping portals, and Dell rewards to save about 78% on my purchase. And this is with a low valuation for Membership Rewards points. Let’s see all the details below.

Amex Business Platinum Dell Credits

The American Express Business Platinum card comes with a $200 Dell credit that can be used twice a year. To use the credit, cardholders must make a purchase on Dell’s website and up to $200 of the purchase will be credited back to their statement. The credits are available during two six-month periods: January 1st to June 30th and July 1st to December 31st.

So while American Express touts this as a $400 annual credit, it would be more more useful if you could actually use all the $400 at once. It’s still pretty valuable though, even if Amex makes it a bit more difficult for cardholders to use the full amount.

Using Dell Credits

At the time, I had three American Express Business Platinum cards. I closed one soon after, as the annual fee posted and I didn’t receive a good retention offer when I called in. I got each card through targeted bonuses with offers of 150,000 Membership Rewards points or higher.

Dell lets you use three payments methods online. So I used all three Amex Business Platinum cards, saving a total of $600 on my purchase.

Amex Offers

We often see Amex Offers for Dell purchases, and some of them show up on Business Cards. I had this Dell Amex Offer on all two Amex Business Platinum cards, which gave me 10% back as a statement credit o up to $1,500 in total statement credits.

It’s a good idea to charge at least $223 on your Amex Business Platinum card if you’re stacking the 10% Amex Offer with the $200 Dell credit. That way you get back $200 Dell credit and $22.30 from the Amex Offer.

I charged $230 one of my cards, $200 on the other, and the rest on the Amex Business Platinum card that I still need to use to get the welcome bonus. So I got 10% back on $997.60, which works out to $99.76 in savings.

There are also other offers out there that are not showing up on Business Platinum cards. You can get $120 off $599, 20% back, or an extra Membership Rewards point.

Credit Card Rewards

The Business Platinum Card from American Express earns 1x Membership Reward on most purchases. But it also earns a slightly better rate of 1.5x at n eligible purchases at US construction material & hardware suppliers, electronic goods retailers and software & cloud system providers, and shipping providers, as well as on purchases of $5,000 or more everywhere else, on up to $2 million of these purchases per calendar year. Dell purchases fall under the U.S. Electronic Goods and Software, and you will earn 1.5x Membership Rewards. So that’s a total of 1,796 points or $16.30 in savings (assuming a 1.1 cent per points value which is quite low actually).

Shopping Portals

I waited until Cyber Monday week to make my purchases was to take advantage of  increased cash back promotion from Rakuten and TopCashback. These portals were offering 15x and 16% respectively for Dell purchases. The normal cash back rate on Dell is 2%, so this was s huge bump. We see these increased rates a couple of times a year, and you can often see rates of 10x or 11%.

I used Rakuten for my purchase and earned 16,500 Membership Rewards points. Points are earned on the pre-tax amount, which was $1,099.99. Since I have the Charles Schwab Amex Platinum card, I can cash out these points at 1.1 cents each. That gives me $181.50 in savings. Points are obviously worth even more if you transfer them to travel partners, or just using them to nook airfare with the 35% rebate offered by the Business Platinum card.

Dell Rewards

When making a purchase on Dell’s website, you can earn Dell Rewards. Your reward value is based on subtotal, excluding taxes and shipping. I received 3% back in rewards for this purchase, which comes out to a total of $33 in Dell Rewards.

Rewards post to your account typically within 30 business days after your order’s ship date. Keep in mind that rewards expire 90 days from the issue date.

Total Savings

As I mentioned above, the item I purchases cost me $1,197.60 including tax. Shipping was free. So here’s a list of all the savings that were stacked for this transaction:

Actual Price $1,197.60
Business Platinum Dell Credits $600.00
Rakuten $181.50
Amex Offers $99.76
Credit Card Rewards $16.30
Dell Rewards $33.00
Savings $930.56
Savings Percentage 77.70%
Final Price $267.04

Stacking Discounts for Dell Purchases: Guru’s Wrap-up

This is an item that I would probably not have bought if not for stacking these discounts for Dell purchases. But with about 78% in savings and only $267 as the final cost, it made sense for me to “splurge” a little. And you can do even better percentage-wise, if your purchase somewhere between $700-$800.

I was able to stack my three Business Platinum Dell credits, Amex Offers, credit card rewards, shopping portals, and Dell rewards for a total of $930 in savings.

It’s worth noting that the Business Platinum Card from American Express comes with a $695 annual fee (rates & fees). So getting this card just for the Dell credits doesn’t add up. But with the awesome welcome bonuses that we have seen recently, you definitely get very good value if you maximize all the perks and benefits.

You should also consider whether you will use Dell Rewards before they expire, and decide how much you value Membership Rewards. I used a 1.1 cents per point valuation since I can redeem for cash using my Schwab Platinum card. But you can value them more, or less.

Xbox gift cards are one way to use up Dell credits as well, if you don’t need to purchase anything right now. Let me know in the comments how you have used your Dell credits! 

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  1. Thank you for explaining all this. I have a question, how do you pay with 3 different Business Platinum cards, or any 3 card? I don’t see how to add more than one card when I check out.

    • After you add a card it will go through a verification process. After that you should see the option to add a new card just below the card you added. Once you add 3 cards then you can decide how much you want to pay with each card.

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