Reselling Amazon Fire Tablets Again, Crunching the Numbers

Back on March 22nd, I posted about an Amazon sale on Fire tablets where you could get discounted Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 tablets by using American Express Membership Rewards points. It was a good offer that requires only 1 MR points to be used in order to get the discount. I bought five Fire 7 tablets for $19.99 and five Fire HD 8 tablets for $29.99 each.

Reselling Amazon Fire Tablets

Thanks to sales tax in NYC, five Fire 7 tablets cost me $108.79 and five Fire HD 8 tablets cost me $163.24. I listed them on eBay the same day and they all sold within 24 hours for $39.99 and $57.99 respectively. I got a little lucky this time. I had an order for three Fire HD 8 tablets, another for two Fire HD 8 tablets, and another for two Fire 7 tablets. That saved me some money on shipping.

Crunching the Numbers

Here’s my calculations:

5X Fire 7 Purchase Price $108.79
5X Fire HD8 Purchase Price 163.24
Cashback $13.60
Amazon GCs $5.00
Final Cost $253.43
Fire 7 Selling Price ($39.99 each) $199.95
Fire HD8 Selling Price ($57.99 each) $289.95
eBay fees ($4 and $5.80 each) $49.00
Shipping ($6.55 to $7.20) $34.30
PayPal fees ($1.46 and $1.83 each) $16.55
Final Selling Price after Shipping and Fees $390.05
Profit $136.62

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A great return rate, but only $13-$14 profit per tablet. Tax and shipping cut into my profits a bit and I could have priced a bit more and would have probably still sold them pretty quickly. At least this way I only took one trip to the post office for all 6 shipments.

I’m sure some of you guys did even better, especially if you have an eBay store. Let me know if you jumped on this deal and how you fared.

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