6 thoughts on “Options For Closing Bank Accounts

  1. For M&T Bank, is there a $4 fee to close account when you have zero balance and they don’t have to send you a check?

    • Last time I tried to close an account i was told that there‚Äôs a $4.00 mail closing fee and a $10.00 Official Check fee to mail your remaining balance to you. So I went to a branch. This was a few month ago.

  2. for Santander Bank, there is no option to send SM to close account but you can call and tell rep you want to close your account. Make sure your balance is zero before calling so they can close it same day. You will receive mail in several business days notifying you of the account closure.

  3. I usually go into the branch and ask if their are any fees or penalties to close the account today…..

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