New Prepaid Cards that allow Credit Card/Debit card loading – MS Opportunity?

There have been reports of several  prepaid debit products that you can buy online (free, with free shipping) and that you can then load online with a debit or credit card. These cards are associated with non-profit organizations around the country and are supposed to help these organizations  advance their mission within their community.


They’re branded cards issued by Metabank for Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware,Goodwill Delaware, Joshua Harvest Church, , AMHI JF, and others non-profit organizations.

While several blogs are reporting this as a breaking news, these cards have been around for while and have been frequently discussed in other underground MS boards.

According to the card member agreements, you can load up to $250 per week onto the card with a debit/credit cards.

Below is the schedule of fees and other important info:

  • $3.95 monthly service fee, waived when you load $800 or more to the card each month
  • $2.95 for loading the card by credit card
  • $2.50 ATM cash withdrawal fee (in addition to fees charged by an out of network ATM)
  • $0.50 Bill pay fee
  • no hard pull when applying
  • card allows online bill pay

The load fee is quite high since the allowed loading is only $250 making it uneconomic and significant effort for each $2.95 fee. However reports are that in fact $2500 loading per day are permitted. So $2500 charged to your card for a $2.95 fee, once per week per card, or $10,000 per week.

Among the organizations named above, the cards issued to AMHSI JNF allow NO- MONTHLY FEE  for two months.

Here is the application to that card:

We view this as a limited opportunity for MS purposes. Since these cards are issued by Metabank, I expect the daily loading limits of $250 to be strictly enforced once they notice the high number of applications. Any abuse might lead to shutdowns, so proceed with caution.

6 thoughts on “New Prepaid Cards that allow Credit Card/Debit card loading – MS Opportunity?

  1. I checked the thread on FT and seems like gig is dead. The OP posted deal on FT when he knew the 250 max load per week has been enforced. 2.95 fee for a 250 load per week for total 1000 a month doesn’t sound appealing to me.

    • I agree with you Ellen. This card was very popular with underground forum MS-ers until late January when there were reports of the $250 limit being strictly enforced and several shotdowns from Metabank.

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