Visa Rebate Cards From Staples Now With PIN

Staples usually runs week-long promos offering rebates on Visa/Mastercard gift card purchases. You submit your rebate at Staples Easy Rebates website and you receive either a Staples Gift Card or a Staples Visa Prepaid Card. It’s usually $20 and sometimes $15.

Staples Visa Prepaid Card.jpg

Staples Gift Cards can only be used at Staples (or you can sell them), but Staples Visa Prepaid Cards can be used everywhere Visa is accepted. I use them for every day spend such as restaurants, groceries etc.

Previously the Staples Visa Prepaid Cards were issued by MetaBank and didn’t have a PIN. Now DoC reports that recent Visa Prepaid Cards that were sent from Staples are issued by Blackhawk and are PIN-enabled. The PIN is the last 4-digits of the card.

Then Shawn tested them out and confirms that you’re now able to load them at Walmart to GoBank Debit Card and they should work the same for loading your Bluebird/Serve. I have yet to check them for myself since I haven’t submitted my rebates from the last Staples promo

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