Office Max, 4x$50 in Visa Gift Cards for $199.80

Office Max is running an in-store promotion. When you buy two $50 Visa Gift Cards, you will receive a $10 discount. Each card has a $4.95 activation fee. They allow you to make two purchases (2 cards each), so you can buy four $50 Visa Gift Cards for $199.80 after the discount (4 x $54.95 – $20). The discount should be taken off the price at the time of purchase, but make sure to ask your local store before purchasing the cards.

visa gc

The GCs are issued by MetaBank and will function as debit cards. The last 4-digits is the PIN.

You should go for it if you have a credit card that earn points for office supply stores (ex. Chase Ink) or even if you need to reach a spend requirements. The GCs can be loaded to Bluebird or Redbird, but don’t forget that these are $50 denominations so it will take much longer to unload them.

HT: @JohnSerwach on Twitter, frequentmiler

5 thoughts on “Office Max, 4x$50 in Visa Gift Cards for $199.80

  1. That’s even better!! Was it advertised at the store as $10 off each card?

    As Tim mentioned above it is a bit tougher here in NYC so I haven’t tried this myself

  2. FYI. I picked up 4 $50 gift cards today. Ask the cashier to scan the coupon for me and I ended up paying $89.90 for 2 $50 gift cards so a net profit of $20 after two transactions. This is YMMV and cashier has to scan the coupon and NOT physically type it in.

  3. For NYC – all office max are hard-coded for cash only :(. Wish i could get my hands on some of these babies. Unfortunately NYC is not the friendliest for MS nowadays.

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