More Possible Ways To Get Amex Plat 100K Offer And Other Enhanced Amex Offers

I wrote yesterday about a new offer that was showing up for some people for 100,000 Membership Rewards for the Amex Platinum card. I also posted about increased offers on other Amex cards through incognito method. I didn’t really have my luck myself, but lots of people had success.

amex credit card offers

There now seems to be two new tricks to try and get some of these offers. One comes from r/churning and the other from comments at DoC.

First from r/churning, there’s a new link that was given by a CSR. It goes through the same steps laid out yesterday but could yield different results. Give it a try here.

Then the second method from Jay’s comment at Doctor of Credit just outlines how to fill out the information after going through the link that I posted yesterday. Open that link in a new incognito window and follow these steps:

  • Input the requested personal information correctly, with the following exceptions:
    • First name had one wrong letter (a ‘typo’).
    • Last name had one letter missing from the end.

Seems that many people were able to get the Amex Plat 100K offer to show up.

What’s The Deal With These Targeted Offers?

There’s really no science to this, but looks like the sweet spot at getting some of these better Amex credit card offers is to provide the correct info with some “typos”. The idea probably is to give Amex enough information so that it pull the existing credit report they have on file for you or to do a soft pull. But not enough so that it recognized that you have already signed up for an account online.

So the little typos mentioned in the second method above, try to achieve just this. If they don’t work, keep playing around with the information you provide and hopefully some good offers will come up.

Let me know if it works for you.

Use Caution With Amex

I’ll mention this again. American Express has been tough on MS recently. They have clawed back points on MR earning cards when applying through leaked links. Although these are not really leaked links, I would suggest to try and meet the minimum spend requirement organically, especially on MR earning cards.

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