Few $50 Gift Cards Selling for $41.99 At Staples

Staples.com has a few $50 third party gift cards that are on sale with a $10 discount. Most of them come with a $1.99 Secure Tracking Fee, so the price before discount will be $51.99, and $41.99 after discount. You’ll also earn an extra 5% cash back at Staples with Ink cards. There isn’t a very large selection, but if you’re interested in one of these merchants, you can get a decent discount. There’s a limit of 3 for any of the gift cards.

Gift Cards Deals   Staples.jpeg

Here’s a list of the gift cards that are currently available:

  • Xbox Cash ($50 for $40)
  • GameStop ($50 for $41.99)
  • Petco ($50 for $41.99)
  • Applebee’s ($50 for $41.99)
  • Panda Express ($50 for $41.99)
  • American Eagle Outfitters ($50 for $41.99)
  • Jiffy Lube ($50 for $41.99)
  • Xbox 12 month subscription ($59.99 for $49.99)

Most likely you won’t earn any cash back from portals but you can still give it a try. Check CashBackMonitor for bast rates.

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