, $10 Off $200 Visa GCs (DEAD) is offering a $10 discount on 200 Visa gift cards. The deal is available today only and there’s a limit of 3 cards. This is an easy money maker, and won’t cost you an extra trip to liquidate the cards, since you probably have a big stack anyway from the recent Staples Easy Rebates deal that just ended. visa 10

The math

  • 3 Visa GCS = ($206.95 cost after fees – $10 discount) x 3 = $590.85 ($9.15 profit)
  • If you use a Chase Ink Card you will receive 2954 UR points, which at at least $29.54 bot most likely worth over $40
  • Total profit = $38.69 or more

7 thoughts on “, $10 Off $200 Visa GCs (DEAD)

  1. Canyou use gift cards to buy gift cards?

    Wouldn’t this deal get better if you go through a portal?

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