Don’t Forget to Use Your Fee-Free Dollars at Plastiq

Over the next few months, Plastiq will begin enforcing its FFD expiry policy. As stated in our existing terms of service, FFDs expire 90 days after issuance unless there is account activity involving FFDs (i.e. a redemption or credit). Essentially, unused FFDs are designed to expire after 90 days. Currently, users can see the countdown to expiration in the Rewards & Referrals section, but Plastiq does not void the FFDs when the counter reaches 0.

Fee-Free Dollars at Plastiq

At 1:30pm PT today, we will begin sending out emails to a group of current users to remind them of our existing policy on FFD expiration and our plan to enforce it. This will initially apply only to those that receive the email and they will be given a full 90 days to act. This change will then roll out to additional users in the coming months.

Users can keep their FFDs active by redeeming them at least once every 90 days towards a payment or refer a new customer to Plastiq. Again, this is not a change, but rather an enforcement of our existing terms.

If you have any questions, you can reach their support team by email at or via live chat on our website.

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