Get $1,000 in No-Fee Spending When You Sign Up for Plastiq

Get $1,000 in No-Fee Spending When You Sign Up for Plastiq

Plastiq is offering a signup bonus for businesses, with $1,000 in no-fee spending if you sign up this month.

  • Get a bonus of 1,000 Fee-Free Dollars (FFDs) when you sign up for Plastiq and complete a $2,500 payment or payments totaling $2,500, from now until October 31, 2020.

Sign Up for Plastiq

Keep in mind that Plastiq now charges a fee of 2.85% for credit card transactions and 1% for debit cards. It doesn’t normally make sense to pay these fees, but if you need to pay a bill with a credit card, which you would have the option to do otherwise, then this could be useful option. It could also help with spending requirements that you might be working on for credit card bonuses, if you need to do them quickly.

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Offer Terms

  • Payments must be processed with the full Plastiq fee and completed to qualify.
  • Earn a maximum of 1,000 FFDs once a $2,500 payment or payments totaling $2,500 is completed by the end of the offer period.
  • Rejected, returned, canceled payments will forfeit the promotion bonus for those payments.
  • The Plastiq fee-free dollars (FFDs) will be applied to customer accounts on or around November 15. Those customers will be notified via email to confirm the FFDs have been credited.
  • Plastiq reserves the right to cancel or modify the promotion at any time.

2 thoughts on “Get $1,000 in No-Fee Spending When You Sign Up for Plastiq

  1. Not a deal if you must have $1500 worht of fee charged dollars on top of the $1000 fee free dollars. Am I reading that wrong? I understand that it would be okay if you need the service or need fast spend, but for general MS, not at all. Did you mean to shrink the requirement to make it hard to read here? It should have been bolded and enlarged. Maybe you can edit it.

    • Oh it is smaller text. Probably the formatting from copy/paste. I’ll fix it, good eye. Yes, not really a great deal and they have not run any promotions in a while. Those are usually the good deals, where they offer fees of 1% or 1.5%.

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