Discover Removes A Few Card Benefits Starting in August

Discover surely has had a lot of new members recently and maybe the amazing Double Cash Back promotion has forced to look for savings elsewhere. I received the following email today noting that a few card benefits will be discontinued.

Discover It

Effective August 1, 2015 Discover card will discontinue the following benefits: 24/7 Travel Assistance, Baggage Delay Insurance, and Emergency Roadside Assistance. If you have a loss or incident that occurs on or after August 1, 2015, it will not be covered by these benefits.

These are obviously not reasons to look away from the Discover It card. These benefits can be covered with others credit cards that you have in your wallet. The Discover It is still a great card to have for the following 12 months thanks to the Double Cash Back promotion. It is available to all new members. It’s also a nice card to have even after that, thanks to the rotating quarterly bonus categories (check out the current bonus category).

You can apply here (my referral link) if you don’t have the card yet. You’ll get $50 Cashback Bonus (doubled after the 13th statement) with your first purchase within three months.

2 thoughts on “Discover Removes A Few Card Benefits Starting in August

  1. I had no idea that Discover offered Emergency Roadside Assistance. Was that free or was there a charge each time you used it? Do you know what other credit cards offer this?

    • A few cards have it, but it usually comes with a charge. Even Discover had a charge for the service, not sure how much.

      Amex Platinum and Amex PRG have the service for free. There’s probably other cards out there as well.

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