Discover it Secured Card Graduates To An Unsecured Card

Discover offers one of the best secured cards called the Discover it Secured Card. The card  has no annual fee and a very good rewards program (1% cash back on all purchases and 5% cash back in rotating categories).

Discover It

Apparently this Secured Card does graduate to an Unsecured Card, a regular Discover it card. The main benefits from this are that Discover won’t do a hard pull on your credit to give you an unsecured card and also the account age remains the same, and does not start over the day it turns into a regular card. Considering that people with a secured card are already having problems with the credit score, not taking a hit for an unsecured card is surely good news.

It’s not possible to apply for this card directly, you have to apply for the regular Discover it card and if you’re denied you might be offered the secured card instead.

HT: doctorofcredit

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