Discover It, Double Discover Deals And Signup/Referral Bonuses

The Discover It Card Double Cash Back promotion apparently is just as amazing as it sounds, and maybe even better. There were some doubts about what doubling all cash back bonuses really means.

Discover It

We knew that rotating categories would be doubled which makes it pretty sweet already. 2% cash back on everything and 10% cash back on rotating categories.

Discover Deal cash back was in question. I received confirmation from three CSR that the cash back from Discover Deals would be doubled, but it just seemed too good to be true. Apparently it is that good. The doctor has confirmed with the Discover media team that the Discover Deals cash back will be doubled. Just amazing. They already have some of the best rates.

Discover it Card

What he discovered is that the signup and referral bonuses will be doubled as well. So if you sign up now (my referral link) for the card, which you definitely should, you will receive $100 instead of the $50. And yes that’s my referral link, so I would get $100 as well. Once you have your own card, then go here to send referrals of your own. If you have your card, refer your spouse for example and that will be a total of $200 cash back. If you’ve had the card for more than a year you can get a second one to maximize the quarterly cash back which is capped at $1500.

To get the Double Cash Back Offer you have to be a card holder (new or existing) and ask to be enrolled by calling 800-347-3085 or through online chat. You can’t get the offer any longer if you’re an existing card holder.

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