Taking Advantage of Discover’s 3rd Quarter Bonus Categories

Discover is doubling all cash back for a whole year. That makes the Discover It card one of the most valuable for the next 12 months. If you already have the card and have added the double cash back offer to your account then you’re in luck. Otherwise the offer (my referral link, get $50 after first purchase, doubled) is now available to new customers only and can not be added to current cardholders.


One of the best features of this bouble cash back promotion is the rotating quarterly categories and the Discover Deals shopping portal. The normal cash back for everyday purchases is 1%, now doubled to 2%. The rotating quarterly categories earn 5% cash back for up to $1500 in spend, but now they double to 10%. And when you make purchases through the Discover Deals portal, their already great rates will be doubled as well. But keep in mind that the doubled bonus will be received at the end of the promotion, so in a year.

3rd Quarter Bonus Categories

The categories that qualify for the 5% (10% when doubled) cash back in the third quarter, July through September, are home improvement stores, department stores and amazon.com. An easy way to profit from this would be by buying Visa gift cards at stores like Sears that fall under “home improvement”. By using your enrolled Discover card in-store, you can earn 5% cash back that will be doubled as the end of the year. There’s other home improvement stores and department stores that will sell Visa gift cards.

Using the Discover Deals Shopping Portal

You can easily double dip with the Discover Deal portal. This is similar to topcashback.com and other cash back sites but is only available to Discover members. They  have some great rates that as I mentioned above, will be doubled for a year. You can use any credit card after going through the Discover Deals portal, but for stores that fall under the 3rd quarter category, it would be best to use your Discover card.

Let’s take Sears as an example again. Discover Deals now gives you 5% cash back for Sears (they were giving an amazing 10% last month). So if you go through Discover Deals to Sears, you’ll earn the doubled rate of 10%. Then you use your Discover card to make a purchase and you earn the doubled rate of 10% again. That’s an easy 20%.

Triple Dipping

There’s even a possibility of triple dipping by earning the Discover Deals cash back rate twice. We’ll use Sears again as our example but this time keep in mind that Sears is a special case when it comes to triple dipping.

You go through Discover Deals to Sears.com and earn the doubled portal rate of 10%. You use your Discover card to purchase Sears egift cards and earn the doubled 3rd quarter bonus of 10%. You go through Discover Deals again to Sears.com to earn another doubled portal rate of 10% but this time you use your Sears egift cards to make a purchase at Sears.com. That’s an amazing 30% off and you even earn Sears Shop YourWay Rewards.

This will be difficult to replicate at other merchants since they usually don’t offer cash back on gift card purchases, but you can always test out different strategies with the endless combinations that are available.

Let us know how you plan to profit from the Discover double cash back promotion.

Discover it® Cash Back Card

Get a $100 Statement Credit after you apply and make your first purchase within 3 months of being approved. Earn 5% cash back on rotating quarterly categories. (Apply for Discover it Miles instead)

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  1. I was not able to find VIsa Gift cards for purchase on Sears.com. Can you please explain how I can find these?

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