Delta Shutting Down Accounts?

Delta Shutdowns

Delta Shutdowns

Update: Seems to be related to previous Amex shutdowns for Delta mailers.

Back in late 2019 and early 2020, American Airlines shut down thousands of accounts for customers who had abused offers for credit cards to earn large amounts od AAdvantage miles.┬áNow Delta Air Lines seems to be next, with similar shutdowns. For now it’s just a handful of reports that show accounts being shut down this morning, so it is still too soon to know how big of an issue this will be. One redditor says he has heard of 4 shutdowns this morning at 9AM. Another says that his account info was changed and now can’t log into the Delta SkyMiles account.

There’s no indication what might have caused these shutdowns, but we would have to assume it is related to some kind of abuse. These are only a couple of cases, so we do not know if this is a widespread issue. If you have Delta SkyMiles, take a look at your accounts and see if there’s anything unusual going on, of if you’re not able to log in.

Please let me know of any data points related to possible Delta shutdowns in the comments.

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