After Marriott, It’s Delta’s Turn To Apologize In China

Delta Air Lines had to apologize on Friday and said it recognized the seriousness of the issue after it was criticized by the Chinese aviation regulator for listing Taiwan and Tibet as countries on its website. This is the same issue that was encountered by Marriott just a few days earlier. During that incident China shut down the Chinese websites of Marriott International for a week, after the firm listed Tibet and others as separate countries.

delta china

Yesterday it was Delta’s turn, although there was no shutdowns involved this time. Maybe because on the Marriott survey Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau were listed as individual nations, while Delta only mentioned Taiwan and Tibet as countries on its website.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China posted a statement on its website yesterday demanding that Delta issue an “immediate and public” apology and to investigate how the issue occurred. And they did apologize soon after.


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