Delta Shutting Down Accounts?

There’s no indication what might have caused these shutdowns, but we would have to assume it is related to some kind of abuse. These are only a couple of cases, so we do not know if this is a widespread issue. If you have Delta SkyMiles, take a look at your accounts and see if there’s anything unusual going on, of if you’re not able to log in.

JetBlue/AA Partnership, 13 Most Haunted Hotels, Delta Bans Over Masks, Refunds for Poor Subway Service & Covid-19 Vaccine

American Airlines and JetBlue launching a “strategic partnership” in Boston and the New York City area, 13 haunted hotels that you can visit for Halloween, Delta has added 460 people to no-fly list for refusing to comply with mask requirement, refunds possible for poor NYC subway service and some good news for Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available, it will be covered by Medicaid and Medicare.