Cole Haan Amex Offer, Get $50 Back When You Spend $200

Get a one-time $50 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $200+ in one or more transactions in-store at Cole Haan or online at by 1/16/2018.

Cole Haan Amex Offer

This is the same offer that cam around last November. Gift cards are not excluded and Cole Haan sells gift cards of different denominations online, including $200 gift cards. This worked to trigger the Amex Offer last time around and it should work again.

Offer Terms

  • Valid in-store and online.
  • Valid at any participating location in the US. Excludes Cole Haan Restoration.
  • Not valid at outlet stores.
  • Excludes wholesale purchases.
  • Excludes authorized retailers.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This offer gives you a 25% discount, so you can turn in a profit, depending on your reselling relationship. They offered the same deal last year, and I don’t think portals tracked, but you could still try going through a shopping portal.

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