Amex Referrals Now Work for Whole Credit Card Family

Credit card referrals are a great way to get some extra miles and points from your credit card. You can refer a friend or a family member and you earn a bonus if they are approved. One issue with referral bonuses is that usually you can only refer people for a card that you hold yourself. But American Express is changing that. They now allow you to refer people for any card in a family of cards, as long as you hold one card yourself.

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For example if you have the Amex Hilton Ascend card, you can generate a referral link that can also be used to apply for the No-fee Hilton and Hilton Aspire cards. Check out my referral link for the Hilton Ascend card for example. You see the 150K bonus for the card when you first open the link, and if you scroll further down, you also see the option to apply for the other two personal Hilton cards. You can even get the direct link to a card that you don’t have.

The same process applies to Delta cards, SPG cards and¬†American Express business charge cards. Keep in mind that you can’t mix personal and business referrals.

You can still get the maximum number of referral bonuses for each card that you have.

How to Get Your Amex Referral Links

  • First you need to log in here with your credit card credentials
  • Scroll down and you should see four options to share your link;¬†Email, Facebook, Twitter and Referral link
  • Click on Referral Link, copy it and open it on a new window
  • If you want to get direct links for other cards, scroll all the way down, click for that card and copy the URL link that starts with ‘mgmee’ (that’s your referral link for that card)


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