Amex Credit Card Limit Increased to 5

Amex Credit Card Limit

Amex Credit Card Limit Increased to 5

Update (Apr. 27, 2021) – Data points now show that American Express is auto approving customers for a fifth credit card. You no longer need to call in.

American Express introduced a limit of 4 Lending Consumer and Lending Business cards last year. There is also a limit of ten for cards with the “Pay Over Time” feature.

It was said back in 2020 that this new limit of 4 credit cards is just temporary, and some people were able to get a fifth card anyway. But now there are reports that Amex has officially relaxed the 4 card slot rule as of April 22, 2021. Each customer is once again allowed to have a total of 5 Lending Consumer and Lending Business cards.

For now you will still need manual processing to add a fifth credit card, but the the approval system is expected to be updated next Monday to reflect this change.

So if you have had your eyes on a new Amex card and the 4 card limit has been an issue, you should probably give it another try. If you have a recent application that was denied for this reason, you can just call recon instead of submitting a new application.

Let me know if you try this and how it works out for you.

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